Tara Hall – Norwich, CT

Tara Hall – Norwich, CT

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive: and to do so with some passion, compassion, some humor and some style.”-Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou’s quote carries great meaning to Tara Hall, Owner of Tara Hall Inspired Solutions, LLC based in New London County which serves in the personal and professional development industry. Her services include transformational training, communications and leadership development, public speaking and life coaching services which are all available in person or virtually.

Serving in social services for over 20 years, Tara Hall has taken her ability to connect and engage with people from various educational levels, socioeconomic statuses and racial backgrounds to create spaces for common bonds and rich experiential forums. The business mission is “together we learn, grow and build the steps to rediscover your personal mission in life.” Tara believes when people discover the best of who they are and share it, then they become a change agent. When transformation occurs, we can all live at our highest and best selves.

As a Certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer and 3x author, Tara’s work is rooted in success principles which provide the core foundation to personal and professional shifts that people seek on the job, with their teams and within their businesses. Tara’s personal growth and transformation which has been in action over the last 5 years has reshaped her life and mission to reach more audiences with her message of inspiration. To date, she has spoken on platforms in the US and internationally such as Egypt, Africa, Canada and France. She has reached audiences in Ireland, the Caribbean and Asia through written publications as well. She provides training to local businesses, civic organizations and professional development conferences. Tara was also recognized as a Woman

Rising Honoree in October, 2020 at the Women’s Business Development Council Virtual Gala.

Tara is motivated by her late mother’s legacy who did not fully realize her dreams before succumbing to cancer. Tara has made it her personal mission to ensure she lives out her dreams in honor of her mother.
So how does Tara balance family, work, business, and friends? She allows herself grace and ease each day. After starting her business two years ago, she realized it was a marathon and not a sprint. She takes breaks when necessary, allows for fun, creative time as well as a vision planner to work towards her goals. She is intuitive, a lifelong learner who ensures she has accountability and the support group of other likeminded people to keep her focused.

After releasing her third publication, Emerging on Amazon in January, 2021, which was her first visionary project with 11 other female leaders, she continues to expand her product suite of services beyond the training room arena. After coaching the women through the writing process to share their personal stories of hope, inspiration and resilience, Tara is now working with others who have an interest in learning how to share stories in their own books.
Currently, Tara is hosting the Emerging book club to take a deeper dive into the stories, mindsets and the perceived blocks that can interfere with personal and professional success.

Along with her busy schedule, Tara is in the early stages of planning an Emerging Women’s Retreat in late 2021. Tara encourages those that are looking for ways to up level their life success plans whether in business or personally, to connect with her through social media if they are looking to jumpstart their next best season!

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