Shakina Shaw – How I became a Pivot Champion in 9 months…

Shakina Shaw – How I became a Pivot Champion in 9 months…

Monday, March 16th is usually a day I light a candle and pray to my daddy who is now in heaven. As this is his birthday. However, now that day serves as the 1st day of remote work/quarantine/COVID-19 work from home day. My day started normal stop to get a snack from favorite store, talk great stories, walk to get breakfast, and head to desk to begin work. Throughout the day at work we begin to hear chatter about leaving early. I started to gather items from the desk that would make working from home from a week or two easy. Welp fast forward 9 months, I am still in the same situation. With still no sign of a return date due to the COVID-19 virus. I am not rushing to go back either. Allow me to share what the last 9 months have been. These 9 months I have been introduced to all these things at once health concerns, civil unrest, being furloughed, starting a business, deaths and births, self-improvement-took a sign language course, changes in relationships and most notably I released a nonfiction book as a self-published author.

Health concerns was not shy to appear within this time. Ranging from mental and physical challenges. However, being the person I am I knew both things were connected. As a result, I hired a boxing trainer, worked out every Sunday in the park during the summer months with family, seeked professional support for panic attacks, and interacted with people that were positive in nature. Talked with people where I can fill their cup and they can fill mines, with positive energy, optimism, and laughter.

The civil unrest that continues to occur in this country where Black men and women become the target of everyone else is heart wrenching. How can we be so hated by everyone? African Americans are treated disproportionately different than others, even the ones who have the same skin tone as us. Certain liberties are awarded to others due to the fight my ancestors, soul family and blood family have done. However, African Americans are not given the credit, just attacked. We as African Americans do need allies and we must protect each other. Even with that said, “not all skin folk are kin folk”.

During the pandemic and civil unrest, I am expected to be a professional at my day career and tackle more. Welp, hold on here is another area to put on my plate, you are being furloughed. Being professional, supervising, taking on additional tasks and being furloughed, ok pivot champion let’s see how you do this. What this translated to is asked to do more work with less pay, still having to meet deadlines while supporting partners, and taking on new tasks.
Personal adventures ranged from deaths and births, financial strife’s, self-improvement by taking a took a sign language course, changes in relationships and most notably I released a nonfiction book as a self-published author.

Losing friends and the matriarch of my family was hard hit. As a family we are still grappling with. I took a sign language class to improve my skill set. I have shared with others “we are all returning to work different people, what will your story be upon return.” My dating life was good, I deepened a relationship with someone I liked. However, things changed so the dating stopped. Personal and professional relationship also were adventurous. I became closer with co-workers, which is amazing. The distance has grown between myself and others I thought I was close with.

However, that is the beauty of the work from home life. I really got to see how much one matters to me vs how much I matter to them; how much you are pouring into my cup vs how much I am pouring into yours. My mom said it perfectly, God has cut the grass so you could see the snakes. So, I admittedly move differently but will always be professional. So, for the biggest story for me, was releasing a nonfiction book on business longevity. By the way, this stunned many, motivated others and added to the changes in relationships.

Dealing with all this stuff, I am still expected to be President of my business, professional at my day career, a big sister, the oldest child, Titi/Auntie, best friend, neighbor, and human being with optimism, positive energy, and forward thinker. Contrary to what many believe as a tall African American woman who is a part of Gen X, entrepreneur, Author, born and raised in NYC, that is brown skin with natural hair, who is an African slave decedent, I do have feelings. Essentially, I am just as human as the next. This concludes how I became pivot champion in 9 months.