Robyn Lee Miller – Enfield, CT

Robyn Lee Miller – Enfield, CT

Do you know that moment when you become a mom and your entire life as you knew it completely changes? The second they laid that sparkling new baby girl on Robyn’s chest, it’s like her life had hit the reset button. She quit her corporate job. Her relationship with her husband had evolved. Robyn was tasked with keeping this brand-new little creature alive and breathing and flourishing (when she had the energy!), and she gained an entirely new purpose.

Being someone who identifies very strongly with her career success, becoming a mom was an internal struggle for Robyn from day one. It felt like part of her was missing. It didn’t take too long to strategize and figure out where she needed to head next. Having always supported women empowerment causes and coming from a traditional media background, and now has becoming a mom under her belt, Robyn knew what her calling was. Opening a new business, MorningBird Media, was the first step to reaching those goals. Since its inception in 2017, MorningBird has been able to help small businesses and entrepreneurs share their stories in the digital space with ease and personality. More importantly, the business’s success has allowed MorningBird to support women’s causes all over the Western MA and Northern CT region.

This year alone, they’ve sponsored the 1st Annual Health and Wellness Conference powered by Beautiful! Bold! Brave! to help women take control of their mental health, reduce stress, find balance, and achieve their goals. Also coming up on March 4, MorningBird is happy to be a sponsor of the Pioneer Valley Conference for Women powered by She’s Local, which runs conferences for women aimed at inspiring, connecting, motivating, and moving women through every stage along their path from Boston down to Fairfield County. For women looking for guidance. They also participate in Women Innovators + Trailblazers that match mentors to mentees to help them along their journey. More recently, Robyn was honored to be chosen as a speaker at PodFest Global, which is happening March 1-5 on mom entrepreneurship and the importance of utilizing social media tools and podcasting to amplify your brand. The opening of MorningBird Media has allowed her to get involved in the community and become a credible thought leader in her industry in a way she never thought possible.

Philanthropy runs deep in Robyn’s business, and as MorningBird continues to grow, it makes philanthropic efforts. We work with several non-profits on various campaigns, from domestic violence awareness to substance use prevention. Even partnering with state-level organizations like the CT Coalition Against Domestic Violence on social media efforts helps spread awareness of their available resources for victims of domestic violence situations and advocates who want to help.

MorningBird Media has also been involved with the Asnuntuck Community College Scholarship Committee in Enfield for several years, raising thousands of dollars for students to attend college and fulfill their dreams. In partnership with the Northern Central CT Chamber of Commerce, they continually give back to the communities of Enfield, Somers, and Suffield by awarding students every month at the high school and middle school levels with the North Central Act of Kindness Award in which the nominated students receive a special award commemorating their achievement and a donation in their name to a charity close to their hearts. These award ceremonies are the highlight of Robyn’s month, and even now, whether they meet out in the snowy New England weather or virtually due to current restrictions, they are just as impactful as ever, the schools, the staff, the families, and the students receiving them in a stressful time.

Morningbird also runs a very active Facebook community called MorningBird Moms: Raising Babies & Businesses to give solopreneur and business moms a community to find support, social media strategy, and some much-needed sanity. This free community is open to any mom- from the one who is exploring entrepreneurship to the one with a side-hustle to provide a little extra for her family to the CEO mom who is the boss of her business. This community of almost 1,000 amazing women is one of the highlights of Robyn’s business.
Women who don’t have a marketing budget and are doing it organically come here for support and to reflect on ideas and get feedback from other moms in the group, women who are just starting or have changed careers or simply are trying to get back into it after having children come here for social media support on how to build their brands and to lean on other moms in the group through sharing stories, advice, and experiences.

Every day Robyn lives her purpose, grows, and learns thanks to those around her. She couldn’t do this without her husband Charles’s support and seeing the smile on her daughter Adeline’s face. Also, as Robyn is in digital media, she would be missing out if she didn’t say come connect and hang!