Navigating – Re-Route – Inspirational Corner

Navigating – Re-Route – Inspirational Corner

by Denise Hinkson Lawrence

Go to ‘Pity party, why me Avenue’ and head south. Turn slightly left to ‘imposter syndrome Street’ and head East. In about 100ft, turn right and keep left.

Wait a minute; this is a one-way street. Recalculating, collaborating. Oh no, not again!

Dead end, re-route. It is bumper-to-bumper traffic, road work ahead, more toll! No way this must be a joke! What is going on? Had it figured out, after all, many had adventured similar paths before, if they did it, then it should be a piece of cake. Independently, crafted strategies and techniques to squeeze and manipulate acquired information, attained knowledge, with what the eyes can see, only to remain in a bewildered state. Unbelievable!
Reality check, the ocean is more expensive, more immense, more profound than initially thought. Fully equipped with canoes, brainpower, voyage knowledge of the night stars, diversified magnetic compasses, stick charts like early voyagers, still unable to handle the friction, only to hear the loud siren, the location alarm sounds the alert; ‘lost at sea.’

Life has a tendency to throw curveballs, sometimes without a pause. There are pitfalls, ditches, howling winds, surface frictions, quicksand, potholes, obstacles, and derailment. Sometimes it appears that these continual disturbances are never-ending.  Remember life is not always a direct flight, some trips demand multiple stops and possibly switching planes.

Anxiety and fear will show up, however, don’t let them overwhelm you. Assess your capacity, seek help and reframe your mind. Step away and get a clearer perspective. Don’t take it all at once, don’t count these events as failures but instead look at each of them as a life lesson, and ask yourself, what is the lesson here? What is the takeaway? Get familiar with the John Maxwell concept, (ACT), A- Apply., C- Change, T- Teach. So, from these pitfalls, these derails, detours, what can be applied to other areas of life, what changes and adjustments can be made and how will these experiences transform and become teachable moments. Reboot the navigation device.

Heads or tails, it’s the same coin. It’s how you see it, perspective is everything. Uncertainties, disruptions, unreliable scenarios have the potential for a fruitful outcome. It could be, lemons or lemonade, a break in the clouds, or showers of pouring rain, uncertainty or adaptability, disappointment or renewed respect, social isolation or advocacy, confusion or clarity, and creativity. Avoid overanalyzing. Get an optimistic attitude. Take a deep breath, think it through, tap into your inner being, your soul, your spirituality, your faith and emerge. You are at a crossroad, the path you take is up to you, on one end optimism could fade away, which will eventually make it harder to remain hopeful and positive, and on the other end positive resilience and realistic optimism.