Lisa Bellamy Fluker – Greenwich, CT

Lisa Bellamy Fluker – Greenwich, CT

Lisa is a child of God, Psalmist, a mother, wife, sister, and friend certified trainer, certified vocal and leadership coach who has been on an incredible journey of growth and discovery. For as long as Lisa can remember, since the age of 9, she has felt that she was different. Kids would say, “Lisa, you can not go with us, you are a goodie two-shoe”, which was a saying that the children said back then. As a child, she had no idea where her path would lead, but her friends saw something in her which made her stand out like a sore thumb back then. Today, as a woman of God with strong faith, she has grown to understand herself more deeply and has become aware of her calling and purpose.

As a young mother, she developed a business from her living room, after a devastating loss in her personal life. She found herself alone raising five girls. She was grateful to have a job at a local community college but unfortunately, it was not enough to pay for daycare and all the activities of her girls. It was at this moment that “decision-quality” became very important in her life. She began to ponder how she could make a difference in the world and at the same time increase her income. She had already begun in the ’90s to support a beloved friend in her business by sitting in as an educator for leadership workshops.

It is here that a spark was ignited in her to teach. She shares, “ As I sat alone many nights in my home during this phase of my life, I began to design programs for young adults and began to speak around the community and support local educational efforts.” It would be a curriculum that she designed for the local EMT and Fire cadets that ultimately thrusted her into the world of entrepreneurship. This beginning would grow into learning more of God’s word and ultimately completing ministry school and she is now finishing an EdD in Educational Leadership & Management.

When asked what Lisa will do with this degree, she replied, “ I would like to share the love of God in a unique forum with young leaders and women to inspire them to be the difference, by sharing character traits of the Lord, as well as practical tools to empower individual growth.

As a child, Lisa began singing at the age of 9 and realized very quickly that to be different or to have and use a gift proudly came with sacrifice and often, feelings of exclusion. These experiences in ministry at an early age prepared Lisa for the challenges of community and ministry work.

Lisa grew up in Arlington, Virginia and attended the Macedonia Baptist Church, and sang in a group called the “Bells of Joy”. The passionate guidance from her mother, not only provided the needed support but gave her the cornerstone for confidence that pushes her to help other women in her community outreach work. As a teenager, she attended and graduated from the Duke Ellington School of The Arts and majored in vocal performance. This vibrant and eclectic school exposed her, she says, “to a whole new world of creative people.” “We uniquely connect with all alumni as family, which I treasure as an adult today.”

In high school, her goals were to be a high performer in academics, which she accomplished by being the President of the National Honor Society and learned all she could about singing. Lisa won many citizenship awards.
After high school, she was accepted to and received a full scholarship to attend Shenandoah Conservatory of Music. Lisa majored in vocal performance and dreamt of becoming a lyric soprano at the Metropolitan Opera. These dreams were compromised as she listened to the voice of her instructor that said that your voice is, “too dark for the MET”.

This not only threatened to crush her dreams but temporarily damaged the confidence she had and her goal to be just as accomplished as others in classical performance. Ultimately she would adjust her major to psychology and graduate, but not without the unfortunate impact of those negative words regarding her chances at the MET. Lisa is now driven by that attempt to dim the light inside of her.

Although she did not go to the Metropolitan Opera, that voice fueled every inch of her goal setting, planning, and dreaming.”

While in college Lisa was exposed to global experiences by traveling to Germany with the Shenandoah school choir. This exposure showed her that anything is possible, and it broadened her lens and world view as a human being. Lisa continued to develop her craft despite the negative comments and started a journey of self-discovery and development.

In the nineties, Lisa secured a record deal with Sire/Warner Bros. and had an opportunity to share her gift of music. This would be short-lived but what she would call “life valuable” in that it opened her eyes to the competing priorities and the importance of values whether in business, ministry, or just self-efficacy.

It was at that pivotal time in her journey that she decided to say yes to what God was calling her to do, and that was to share what his purpose was for her and to live out that destiny. Today, she stands with an undergraduate degree in psychology, a master’s in educational leadership & Management, and in the final stages of her terminal degree in Educational Leadership & Management.

Lisa shares, “I have been blessed on this journey and continue to challenge myself.” “I also have released music as an independent artist and Psalmist.” Lisa’s first album “Lighthouse” was released in 2005, and her new EP “What Will It Take” was released in February 2021 and available on all digital outlets.
Lisa learned many lessons applicable to business, life, and ministry. As an inventor, creator, leader, and woman of

God, you must gather as much information and stand on the solid integral ground.
Her heart for God and her family continues to be a motivator for her community advocacy and ministry work. Lisa says,”When you place something much larger than yourself in front of you as your driver you are more likely to push toward your goal. This was and is my reality.”

To date, Lisa says her biggest supporters are her mother, father, sisters, children, and beautiful husband William Fluker and both sides of my family.

Especially now with Covid, it is her faith in God that sustains her. She finds daily prayer and reading the word of God essential to her knowledge, ability to withstand challenge and to help hold herself accountable for words and actions.

She wishes that she would have known more about vulnerability because so many people will take advantage of you if you are not wise and understand that humans can be cruel. While she wanted to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, it was through that lens that she had the deepest pain and toughest lessons in life.

Her advice to women is to know themselves and do the inside job first, which is self-awareness and development.
Secondly, identify an area of expertise and take the time to invest in that and develop it. Do not expect overnight success but be willing to do the work.

Lisa is most proud of the work to develop a leadership curriculum for the youth of New Haven, Connecticut and to watch the young people engage in problem-solving. This type of work brings me joy.

Her path has inspired others and prayerfully has fostered bridges to connect people from different backgrounds.
This has created more determined and confident young women like her five beautiful daughters. Lisa also contributes to the community with her husband by providing music to local non-profits, and organizations that fulfill their desire to contribute to the community in a positive manner.

Her fear is not doing what she was placed on the planet to do. While this is more of an analogy than a reality, it is the fuel that drives the ministry work that she does.

Yes, patterns of behavior are necessary to create new realities. Those habits become a regular set of behaviors. Having a formula for success also allows you to identify a set of facts, and what you observe about those facts, and feed-forward toward a solution. This structured framework provides a road map to the actions that are necessary to build momentum, success, and in business, a “sound brand”.

Lisa’s favorite aspect of educating and being an advocate is that she is fulfilling a purpose and having a direct impact on individuals and the community.
She has been blessed to travel the world and sing, and speak, However, one of the most satisfying moments was taking her girls to a nursing home when they were little, along with their sound system and singing for the elderly (the forgotten).

Lisa says, “You see what satisfies my soul is to pour into others and truly be a tool that God can use.”