Inspirational Corner by Denise Hinkson Lawrence

Inspirational Corner by Denise Hinkson Lawrence

The year 2020, by every stretch of the imagination, has been turbulent, uncertain, complicated, unexpected, and challenging for the world. Yet with a glance, there is still so much to be thankful for, despite all. Here we are, now in the beginning phase of 2021, with a new canvas; a new year, let’s be intentional in creating a Masterpiece of epic exploits and no excuses.

“Be mindful of your thoughts.
Speak affirmation to bring into
manifestation that which not yet formed.”

Remember, we can materialize our intentions, our ideas, our best and highest imagination that our words can create, shape, change the trajectory of our lives, and incarnate those imaginations in our minds into our hands.

No longer entertaining negative conversations, instead now is time to begin to look forward using our words’ power to create a framework for the manifestation of the future that we desire because it starts with our words, with the conversation in our mind and spirit. It’s time to rethink, re-evaluate and reassess. Be mindful of the conversation we entertain; it shapes our thoughts, which shapes our outcome. Our words are the thoughts; what we consider will swerve in the direction of our lives.

Now, most of us experienced significant losses; however, remember that it is part of the formula increase. Before we can add and multiply in abundance, there has to be an emptiness, a period of subtraction and division. Subtract and divide those things, conversations, thoughts, unhealthy habits, and individuals.

Before we splash on some beautiful colors of paint, let there be the process of stripping, and clear the walls. Let’s be intentional about our capacity to grow. Sometimes for an increase to manifest, we must become aware of our environment.

Addition and multiplication will happen when we make preparation for it, space, energy, and time. Let us become organized and set aside space and time for our growth.

Schedule time for personal development and growth. Schedule time and space for spiritual development and growth, schedule time for family, work, creativity, innovations, and ideas, and schedule space and time for self -care.

Become protective of our energy, imagination, and ideas. Let’s develop an appetite for purpose and destiny. Change depends on the choices we make.

Let’s find clarity; let’s rise above all circumstances, proclaim, envision, cultivate manifest, and design that larger than life masterpiece.