Danielle Chylinski – Hartford, CT

Danielle Chylinski – Hartford, CT

In January of 2020, Chylinski Media was born. Built to assist small businesses leverage themselves on social media with their minimal budgets and time, my company suddenly became a need to serve our community more than ever once Covid-19.

Once the pandemic hit, it really sunk in for a lot of people that this is real. We will be heavily focusing on technology to lead the way. Businesses learned very quickly that they needed to shift how their business operated.

Business owners from a variety of industries had began to reach out- hair salons, landscaping companies, health. I’ve grown through word of mouth via friends, family and past-coworkers as well as social media.

After being furloughed in June from the Hartford Yard Goats, I had all of the free time in the world. Instead of rushing into applying to other jobs, I decided to go full-force into working for myself and building my brand.

I’ve been able to help struggling, small and large businesses due to their budget cuts, or them knowing they need to adapt and get active on social media. Companies have no choice but to adapt to going online, building their brand via social accords platforms, and letting their brand shine through.

Our community’s emotions are high, both in positive and negative ways. However, everyone has had more time to focus on what they realize love, what and who they want to support. I’ve had incredible people in my circle that continue to lift me up, and remind me every day why I do what I do. I’m just being me, and to be able to do that while being compensated, supported, and helping others around me, this pandemic has certainly been a blessing in disguise in terms of pushing me to where I want to be for myself.